Welcome to Sigue Force 1914-18

18.3.2011 Peter wrote 'DeSnek' Pastera

SIG Force 1914-18 is a loose association of modelers organized and unorganized, which charmed the construction of aircraft from the period 1914-1918, commonly called “hop-garden”. When the building was used mainly wood and canvas, and aircraft barely reached speeds higher than 150km/hod.

The main aim of this site is to create an encyclopedia of aircraft used during “The Great War”, but allow individual supporters of building models from that period are mutually recognized and allow the establishment of mutual contacts, and assistance in solving various problems in the construction and, when dealing with technology for the most faithful rendition of the original.
Sigue pages are intended mainly for the presentation of the work of members and non-members and collecting data and information on the actual aircraft, which became a model for our models.

Join us, you are welcome.

Polish ace in the Russian Air Force

16.2.2014 wrote Kir

“Pro bolševiky létat nebudu”

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Merry Christmas

24.12.2013 Libor wrote 'Hellboy' Muzik

Best wishes, Merry Christmas, rich kite Father Christmas and much health and well into next year all.

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German velkoletadla - Part 3.

1.11.2013 wrote kabelkao

3. and the last part of the German velkoletadla.

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German velkoletadla - Part 2.

24.10.2013 wrote kabelkao

Continuation of German history velkoletadel.

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German velkoletadla – part 1.

20.10.2013 wrote kabelkao

They demonstrate the efforts of people to fly. Proof of aviatiků flew away, up, better. Proof of engineers overcome the technical challenges. Proof of German precision. Evidence as war frenzy drives the motor forward progress.

Ondřej Handbag

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Construction and delivery requirements for military aircraft

18.10.2013 wrote kabelkao

How are all those planes are built? That, in turn, omnipotent Idflieg?

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Fokker Scourge

12.10.2013 Libor wrote 'Hellboy' Muzik

Excellent return after almost forty years.
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Walk on the E-Dayi 2013

4.10.2013 Libor wrote 'Hellboy' Muzik

For those, who could not attend in person.
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My airfields.

27.9.2013 Libor wrote 'Hellboy' Muzik

Modely chmelnic od C.a.K.Feldpilota.
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Gifts from the Idfliegu PRICES

23.9.2013 Libor wrote 'Hellboy' Muzik

Has amazing features ..., particularly fast maneuvers and stability with ubraným gas are advantages. Pilot can virtually stop the aircraft on the ground and drop a few hundred meters without loss of control ...
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